• Alex Kiltz

    Alex Kiltz

    Early-stage VC @UVC_Partners investing in enterprise software, mobility & industrial technology startups in Europe.

  • Zeina Mhanna

    Zeina Mhanna

  • Paul Henderson

    Paul Henderson

    Founder of Bartr Technologies. Building the crypto-economic operating system for the way the world connects.

  • Sam Cash

    Sam Cash

    Early stage VC

  • Gabriel Westerlund

    Gabriel Westerlund

  • pradipta parhi

    pradipta parhi

  • myza


    www.myza.co is an online platform that has a singular focus on sleep and the sleep experience.

  • Ed Leon Klinger

    Ed Leon Klinger

    CEO @flockcover, smarter insurance for connected fleets. Chairman of the UK Insurtech Board. Oxford University M.Eng/Cambridge University M.Phil

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